Dec 28, 2017

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Staying Grounded During a Sweaty Flow

Long gone are the days when people used to view yoga as an ‘easy workout.’ As popularity increases with power flows, heated rooms, and the addition of props, you’re likely to work up a good sweat during your yoga practice.

This is great—many of us feel victory when sweat starts to drip from our faces, but there’s just one problem: that slippery little mat you’re trying to flow on. Holding still on a sweaty yoga mat can provide as much challenge as the class itself. Luckily, many products have been developed to help your hands and feet stay put as the sweat starts to fly.  Let’s chat about some of the best tools that keep you grounded during a sweaty yoga flow.

Yoga Mat Towel – the most obvious solution. Dropping down a towel to soak up that excess sweat is an easy choice.

Bonus: most heated yoga studios rent out mat towels for single uses. Beware, however, if you want to invest in your own mat towel: not all towels are created equal. You definitely have the option to grab a beach towel, but things get a little bunchy and trust me—it will end up driving you nuts during class. Many places like Target and Walmart provide an option in their sports and outdoor section, but these are just a step up from a beach towel. They tend to shrink and pill after washes which, let’s face it, happen quite frequently if you are an avid yogi. I suggest spending the extra on a higher quality yoga mat towel. Towels with a tacky underside will stay put a bit better. Look into brands like Manduka or Lululemon – it’s worth the splurge.

Yoga Studio Wraps – While wraps are less popularly seen in the yoga studio, they are a solid option for those who don’t want to buy a special towel or mat. Studio wraps are virtually the closest option you’ve got to wearing shoes during a yoga flow. If you decide to test out studio wraps, you’ll feel traction under your toes, heels, and the ball mounds of your feet. Additionally, a bit of support is provided on the underside of your arch and throughout the mid-shaft of your foot—great for a single-leg standing series or balancing postures.

Yoga Mat – Wait, what? I thought we were discussing options to not slide around on the mat. Check this out. Yoga mats have been getting a major upgrade over the past couple of years. While your average run-of-the-mill mat isn’t going to keep you as stable during an extra sweaty class, new technology is giving us the chance to get a grip—literally. Several high-end yoga companies have been topping their mats with a rubber grip finish, and it’s pretty amazing. It doesn’t feel tacky or leave you walking around with sticky feet; it provides just enough traction to keep you grounded when the going gets sweaty. And for bonus points: it’s naturally and sustainably resourced. My personal favorite is the Manduka eKO Lite mat or the JadeYoga Harmony Mat.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about personal preference. Whatever is going to keep you comfortably rooted to the ground as you move through your vinyasa or spring into your forearm stand. You should also make sure to check out these leggings for women so you can feel fully comfortable when you practice. Read reviews, ask yogi friends, or test out a few of the above suggestions. Now wipe that sweat from your brow and keep going!

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